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Joalice Ryan

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Golf Course Living - What You Need To Know

By Joalice Ryan - February 10, 2020

golf course photo

If you love golf and you are considering buying a golf property in the valley, there a few things that you should be aware of.  North Scottsdale is an ideal place to consider living in a golf community: not only do we have sunny skies all year round, but we are surrounded by gorgeous backdrops of the Sonoran Desert, resort style living and wonderful amenities.  Homes typically hold high property values and are highly desired by locals, seasonal residents and investors.  Golf communities are frequently gated and built in low crime areas.  They offer the ultimate convenience including no extra travel time and traffic to the golf course, neighbors that share your passion for the sport,  discounted fees, memberships and often impressive club house entertainment.

Beyond the obvious occasional golf ball ending up in your back yard, there a few things to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a home in a golf community. Safety is of course the number one priority.  Depending on the location of your property, your home may be occasionally plagued by broken windows, broken roof tiles and damaged/dented patio furniture or structures.  Privacy issues: living on a golf course, you will have very little or no privacy in your back yard.  Most homes have view fences to enjoy expansive views but golfers will pass by and naturally look into your backyard.

There are positive aspects and drawbacks to living on a golf course.  However, if you are an avid and frequent golfer you will truly enjoy living in a golf community with likeminded neighbors who enjoy the convenience and accessibility to “everything-golf.”  I am a North Scottsdale area real estate expert and I live and play here.  Let me know if you are looking to purchase a golf property.  I would love to help you find a home on a course that is perfect for your family. Contact Me or Call: 480.244.0055



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