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Joalice Ryan

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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

By Joalice Ryan - March 11, 2020

As the winter months are ending and we begin to look forward to spring and summer,  I would like to motivate you to do some spring cleaning by sharing some tips and tricks that may be useful.

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Curtains and drapes collect dust including pet fur.  Simply insert a damp towel into you dryer and run your window treatment through the air fluff cycle.  After 15 minutes, remove and hang them immediately to avoid settling of wrinkles.

We will use our ceiling fans soon enough and they tend to collect a layer of dust on top of the blades over time.   Wrap a blade in a pillow case, spray them with furniture polish and wipe.  The case will catch the dust  and prevent it from settling into other areas of the room.

If you have rugs and wall to wall carpeting, this is also a good time for an annual professional deep cleaning.  Annual maintenance of carpeting will refresh and lift the fibers and keep your living areas free of allergens that settle over the year.

Buildups around faucets can be easily softened and removed by covering the area with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar for an hour.  You can do the same with your shower heads – wrap a plastic bag filled with vinegar around the areas that have a white residue.

Organize your pantry by checking expiration dates of your canned goods. Utilize bins and shelving to maximize space and place older items to the front and newer ones in the back.

This is also a good time to evaluate your wardrobe in your closet and drawers.  Consider donating items that you haven’t worn in over two years.  Place heavy winter clothing in the back or a high to reach space in the closet. Place spring/summer clothes and shoes in the front.

Door handles are one of the most overlooked items to get cleaned.  Just think how frequently we (and our visitors) put our hands on them when we enter or leave the home.  Think of how many other things were touched BEFORE you enter you home through the garage or front door.  Antibacterial wipes are best for this task.  Wipe all your handles at least once a day and don’t forget to include your sink levers, patio, utility and car doors.

Antibacterial wipes are also effective disinfecting keyboards, remote controls, phone cases, credit cards and frequently used pens.

Last but not least, don’t forget to replace your air filters!



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